It’s important for us not to harm animals for real leather. Vegan leather can be either PU or PVC, we use a high quality PU material which is manufactured with a complicated process that creates vegan leather that is more flexible and soft to the touch just like real leather. It doesn't crack in our cold winters, and is stronger and more durable than not only PVC, but also some lower end real leather. Vegan leather can be cleaned by wiping with a damp cloth so it is also very low maintenance.

"PETA loves to build mutually beneficial relationships with kind companies to promote products, raise awareness, and support the implementation of more animal-friendly business practices, products, and services."



A comfortable work place can help our mind and body relax and focus, which is what our creative design team enjoys in our Toronto-based design studio. We are proud to say our production team on the other side of the globe also enjoys a comfortable and friendly factory work life. Workplace standards, safety, and an approachable relationship between employees are highly important to us, so we ensure the manufacturers we deal with also have the same priorities.


We travel to Asia several times a year to meet with the factories that we have had long and loyal relationships with, working closely to bring each new season's vision to life. You may not know that that perfectly crafted handbag goes through about 30 pairs of finely skilled hands before making it to our Pinkstix warehouse. From highly precise drafting, careful cutting of each fabric panel, stitching details, sewing each zipper to attaching hardware, it takes many individuals each with their own expert skill-set to come together to create each piece. From prototype to the end product, each step of the way builds up the strong foundation that Pinkstix is so proud to stand by regarding detailed workmanship. We make bringing a quality and lovable piece to you an important part of our responsibility.