PINKSTIX's social responsibility agenda supports female empowerment. We achieve this by sponsoring projects that support women and children, such as local charities and co-op organizations, and local hospital programs for mothers and babies. Our past projects include stylish PINKSTIX diaper bags for the mothers of premature and sick babies at the renowned Sunnybrook Health Sciences Centre’s level three Neonatal Intensive Care Unit, as well as jewelry surprise packages for Mother’s Day, and Secret Santa packages for the Christmas holidays. And of course, we always adopt this attitude when selecting models for any of our ad campaigns to represent “Pinksterella”.

Along with female empowerment, PINKSTIX is discovering ways to contribute to the eco-movement; such as supporting our local economy, creating our very fashionable & animal friendly vegan Handbag collection, creating long-lasting, and top-quality multi-purpose accessories. We are also very aware of our eco-footprint in our office operations, choosing to go paperless whenever possible and selecting recycled paper options when not, such as using FSC-approved recycled paper in our catalogues.

We are equally passionate in promoting a healthy and meaningful lifestyle. All that female empowerment requires us to be in optimal physical, mental and emotional health! So connect with us and our community. It is the small details that count – in fashion and in life. So live to your fullest! Live fashionably!

Sunnybrook Health Sciences Centre  Yellow Brick House  Toronto Trillium Lions Club    Saint John Regional Hospital – New Brunswick    St. John’s Rehab – North York  Deng Fen Art Foundation